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Dexterous Group’s Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services give you financial expertise when and where you need it. As a business owner you can concentrate on growth and revenue-generating activities, leaving the financial strategy to an experienced finance professional.

Save time and money with a dedicated off-site professional.

A virtual CFO is a remote and virtual Chief Financial Officer. The virtual CFO will perform all of the tasks that a resident CFO would carry out, with the only difference being that they do the work remotely.

The mushrooming of small to medium-sized businesses has given rise to the virtual CFO as owners concentrate on growth, leaving the financial organisation of their business to a qualified person who would charge less than a CFO employed with the company.

The VCFO will oversee planning, maintenance and reporting of financial activities while managing the financial risks of the business. Another key role is to propose cost-control measures and low cost acquisition of capital.

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