Trupanion is a brand new company which was set up to offer pet insurance services.


Director Stephen Rose joined Dexterous in February after deciding that he wanted a professional all-rounder to help Trupanion be ready for growth in the market after launch. 

We sat down to listen to Stephen’s specific needs and presented him with Dexterous Group’s bespoke solutions. 

Our Solution

We had numerous Skype Group chats to finetune our offerings and diligently tailored a one-stop shop solution to his specific business needs. 

Stephen loved the fact that we kept him involved at every step in an efficient, but friendly manner. “Dexterous Group has always give us prompt responses and advice tailored to our individual needs” – Stephen Rose, Trupanion Director.


Outsourcing accounting functions to Dexterous Group has allowed Stephen to concentrate on business growth.

Stephen pays a set fee per fortnight for our services which include full bookkeeping, payroll, management reports and compliance functions. 

“Dexterous Group’s solutions have given us a solid foundation for scaling from our startup phase. It enables us to concentrate on daily operations knowing that we have an accurate financial position with reliable runway and burn rates.”

“By outsourcing these functions to Dexterous, we can keep core team members doing what they are good at, reducing the distraction that financial compliance and reporting can cause” – Stephen Rose, Trupanion Director. 

Does Your Business Need Tailor-Made Solutions?

Our fixed-price packages are scalable, meaning that the business only pays for what it needs, when it needs it. We can build the right solution for your business to make it grow.

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